The secret of Barack Obama's social media success

By Paulina Wyczawska – As reported in Forbes magazine, the real secret to Obama’s success was taking its intelligence and distributing it through social and mobile channels. They profiled and matched Obama volunteers with potential voters, so that they had a better chance of making a connection with the voter and were more likely to persuade them to vote for Obama.

In short, they analyzed, socialized and mobilized their voter base to victory.

Obama knew that his “Four more years” message on social media would spread faster and wider, including through the mainstream media, than any staged victory speech could.

As one Obama insider said:  “The community around the Obama campaign became more intelligent over time by constantly testing and sharing what worked.”












Obama hugging his wife

Four more years.


“We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, and that’s who we are. Thank you. -bo,” tweeted Obama.

At last count –

Facebook: 33,150,257 likes · 12,248,455 talking about this.

Most recent post (winning the election) photo-liked by 2,039,929; hugging wife photo -liked by 4,283,686

Twitter: followers -23,068,920; daily posts. hugging wife photo- retweeted 807,850 times. winning election photo: 41,654 retweets.