Social Media Tweets of the Week – 12th May 2012

Welcome to this weeks Tweets of the Week from @socialmedia_ie. It has been a busy week for David and Cian. They have been out presenting at the Digital Skills academy and at the Burlington Hotel. This week has also seen a lot of exciting developments for Bossmetrics. Our software has reached the final of the Irish Software Association Investor Forum. If you are interested in mastering Facebook then check out this post from Cian on mastering Edgerank. Also there are some great tips on Socia Media Reports in Google Analytics.

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Social Media Tweets of the Week – 6th May 2012

Welcome to this weeks Tweets of the Week from @socialmedia_ie. This has been a great week for Bossmetrics. Our new Marketing software has been shortlisted for a pitching competition by the Irish Software Association.  If you are interested in WordPress be sure to check out the Twitter page #wordpress for great tips and plugins. Also a big Congrats to the students from #mn319 who presented their #eMarketing projects during the week.


To get great Social Media news as it happens, be sure to follow @socialmedia_ie.

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Mastering Facebook means Mastering Edgerank!

I’ve spent the past year lecturing in Social Media in The Digital Marketing Institute and providing training to corporate clients and the same question crops up time and again:

“How do I improve my Facebook marketing?”

When I enquire what exactly the hope to achieve many times the real question is “how do I get more impression on Facebook?” The simple answer I provide is “Understand Facebook’s rules before you play the Facebook game”.  And where are the Facebook rules? In the algorithim which decides what appears in peoples newsfeeds, more commonly known as Edgerank.

Facebook's Edgerank

Facebook’s Edgerank algorithim decides what appears in a Facebook users newsfeed. Why does such an algorithim exist? Well Facebook wants you to continuously use Facebook so they want your newsfeed to be full of content that appeals to you. They judge what appeals to you by taking into consideration:

1)   Time: The time decay between the time they post and when they’re online. Facebook wants to give you recent content not something that happened last week!

2)   Weight: How much effort did they put into their post e.g. A picture or a video is weighted more heavily than a status update or link.

3)   Affinity: The amount of times you’ve interacted with a person or a Brand

Cast your mind back to your own Newsfeed, does this sound familiar? It really made sense to me when I presumed a friend of mine was very quiet on Facebook but when I went to his page there was a lot of content there. And it made sense:

1) He’s now living in LA (so he’s posting at times when I’m not online)

2) He usually only posts status updates (so the weighting is quite low)

3) I haven’t commented or liked any of his content in a long while (so the affinity between us is very low).

The Edgerank between us was very low which was quickly remedied by commenting on and liking his content. Low and behold, he was suddenly back in my Newsfeed!

Similarly, this algorithm decides what business page content is shown in a newsfeed also.

In July 2012 Comscore released a whitepaper called “The Power of Like: How Brands Reach and Influence Fans Through Social Media Marketing” (a must-read for any Social Media Marketer). This insightful report revealed that users were 218% more likely to consume branded content in their newsfeeds than the brand page itself. Makes sense really: if I become a fan of Carlsberg on Facebook I’m not going to be sitting at home wondering how Carlsberg is doing and go visit their page. It’s up to Carlsberg to make it into my newsfeed to communicate with me. By posting at the right time, with the right content (weight) and enticing me to like or comment on their posts (affinity) their Edegrank will be higher ensuring a place in my Newsfeed.

Comscore's The Power of Like

So what practical tips could I give readers looking to master Edgerank?

1)   Use to see what your current Edgerank is. The free Edgerankchecker account will tell you what your business page’s Edgerank is and the days of the week when your Edgerank is highest and lowest. The pro account will rate multiple pages and give you access to expert white papers on how to improve your Facebook Marketing.

2)   Do your Facebook marketing in Facebook. Despite the convenience of tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer App for scheduling Facebook messaging, using external tools lowers your Facebook Edgerank. Essentially, what you gain in convenience you lose in Newsfeed exposure.

3)   Post photographs and videos with your statuses. Edgerank’s weighting system dictates that content with photographs, videos will appear in more newsfeeds than status updates alone.

4)   Aim for a reaction to increase Affinity: With every item you post on Social Media the aim should be to start a conversation. If it’s a picture you’re posting then it should be accompanied with an engaging question: “What do you guys think of our new Facebook App?” as opposed to “Here’s our new Facebook App” which does not really give an opportunity to reply.

By following these tips, marketers will find:

  • Their content will appear in more fan’s newsfeeds, earning more impressions
  • Their fans will become more engaged
  • The number of fans will begin to increase as friends of fans are exposed to their content.


At we provide the most practical Digital and Social Media training techniques. If you would to attend one of our training sessions you can find more details here.

If you would like a new tool that helps you improve your Digital and Social Media marketing check out our new tool BossMetrics now! successfully launch BOSS Metrics @ Dublin Beta

BOSS Metrics was officially let out of the building for the first time at Dublin Beta last week and we were delighted with the reaction from the start-up community to our new product 😎

Here is what the Silicon Republic wrote about it too  after we can an excellent third out of 12 start-ups as voted by the 150 guests at the event!  Not bad for BOSS Metrics Beta Beta Beta!  Thanks to all who voted for us and the great Dublin Beta team for letting us pitch on the night! Our team on the night was Conor Lynch, Barry O’Sullivan, Cian Corbett and Richard McDonald .. thanks too guys!

You can find out more here about our digital & social media marketing management platform BOSS Metrics created for small marketing teams.

The Bosses at Rehab's "People of the Year Awards" Launch

Cian Corbett, Conor Lynch and David McWeeney of had the pleasure of attending Rehab’s “People of the Year Awards” Launch last week at The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre.

The launch was graced by celebrities including Brent Pope, Crystal Swing and Royseven who played a rousing live set at the ceremony.

Cian Corbett of and Niamh O'Mahony of Hibernia College at the launch of the people of the year awards

Cian Corbett and Niamh O'Mahony at the launch of "The People of the Year Awards"

The People of the Year Awards celebrates the country’s most inspiring citizens and voting is now open. If you know a deserving person in your community be sure sure to send in your nomination  here.

Nominations for the People of the Year Awards can be made in a number of specific categories or as a general People of the Year Award.

– The International Person of the Year.

– The Young Person of the Year.

– Sports Person of the Year.

– Community Group of the Year.

– People of the Year Awards.

Rehab Director of Public Affairs and Communications Cliodhna O’Neill encouraged attendees to continue to support the event by using the Twitter Hashtag #POYA2012 or visiting the Rehab Facebook page.

We’re already looking forward to the event in September and if you want to join the celebrities and nominees at the awards night support this great cause by buying your tickets here.



Tweets of the Week – 3rd April 2012

Welcome to this weeks Tweets of the Week from @socialmedia_ie. This week we bring you tips on Security for small businesses and how to utilize LinkedIn for your business. We also brought you the 7 day SEO diet which gives great details on how to fast-track optimizing your website. If you want to check out your activity online make sure to follow the link to WhatAboutMe?, which gives a graphical representation of your digital life. Also if you’re interested in everything visual then follow the 10 B2B strategies utilizing Pinterest, a social photo sharing network.

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Angela Halpin,

“Social Media Masterclass provided a very useful insight into the benefits of Social Media.
This masterclass has opened my eyes up into all the different avenues I can go down to promote my business, it was both, informative and well presented. I particularly found the training in Facebook, linkedin & twitter, very useful.
The team were both Friendly and professional. This course is very worthwhile, and I would highly recommend it!”

Tweets of the Week – 27th March 2012

Another week of great social media tips and information from This week we brought you case studies from the 2011 Irish Social Media Awards. Make sure to check out companies that are effectively using Google+ and pick up some tips for your Facebook Timeline Business Page here. Also make sure to check out the witty new video from the Dollar Shave Club featuring a great concept for selling razors.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day to all followers of @socialmedia_ie. Another busy week at the office. Again we have been out lecturing to students who want to explore the vast world social media has to offer, David McWeeney giving a specialist lecture in Email Marketing. Be sure to check out SocialBro, a great tool for managing and analyzing your Twitter account. Also fans of Instagram will soon be able to download an android version. Make sure and check back for more news and social media tips next week.

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Ronan Cavanagh, Founder, Cavanagh Communications

The training I did on WordPress has given me the tools to develop my own website and the skills to update and develop it. As a start up business, this saves on cost and gives me greater control of the tools to market the business.