Social Media Presentation at the Dublin Food Chain

Social Media Presentation at the Dublin Food Chain

We were really delighted to talk this morning at Dublin Food Chain.

Please visit Dublin Food Chain Breakfast Workshop for the full list of speakers and details about the event.

We hope you liked our presentation on How to serve up tasty social media for the food sector.

If you missed it you can find the presentation below


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Digital strategy

Digital marketing career opportunities @ and sister brand Connector

About Us

Founded by Conor Lynch in 2009, Connector is a leading Irish digital business agency supporting clients as they face up to digital, social & mobile challenges and opportunities. All sister brands, Connector, connector360, and BOSS Metrics offer a wide range of specialist services for those who want to manage digital in-house or to outsource to a trusted partner.

We are passionate about helping SMEs, government agencies, organisations, startups and individuals create their digital destiny. We create ideas that turn into campaigns, campaigns that become content, content in social and digital media that generate awareness, positive sentiment, connections and great return on investment.

Connector/ is always on the lookout for talented people to join our team in Dublin. Please find our current open opportunities below.

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connector360 – Clients & Projects Continue to Grow

connector360 – Clients & Projects Continue to Grow

connector360, creative agency and sister company to, continue to grow their portfolio with the addition of clients such as Pair Mobile, Flogas, Ridge Consulting and Martino’s Trattoria as well as ongoing work with Eurocycles and Euro Baby, Griffith College and CIS Ireland.

connector360 Case Studies

Pair Mobile - Smartphone covers and accessories: View Study

Allianz GAA – Sponsorship of GAA: View Study

Griffith College Dublin: View Study

Eurotrek Group – Eurocycles & Euro Baby Stores: View Study

Flogas – Natural gas providers in Ireland & the UK: View Study

Visit us at connector360

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Introducing connector360 Creative Agency

Welcome to a very special post about The new flagship and sister company to both and Boss Metrics. will continue to execute award winning social media campaigns and to educate companies on the benefits of using social channels, evolving into the social media branch of Connector360. The research and analytics company Boss Metrics is now the exclusive data provider for Connector360 and will continue to deliver to customers, opportunities for growth while also exposing any weaknesses currently being exploited by competitors. The findings streamlined into Competitor and Digital Listening reports that deliver a measureable ROI. marked the brands launch on the 19th of September with a momentous Instagram Party. The night’s endeavour’s included the Connector360 Instagrammys, Prinstagram, Gallery Show, and even an Interactive Wall not to mention food and drinks. The launch event was true to our motto; Online + Offline = Bottom Line as guests participated in the proceedings in real time through Instagram. Their engagement instantly visible across social platforms and in real time on the interactive wall or in the hard copy prints available to take home as souvenirs.

The gallery show included images by several of Dublin’s most influential bloggers and Iggers that lead to endless media impressions being broadcast throughout the WWW. The connector360 Facebook page included over 250 confirmed guests. The launch night featured in several online and offline publications including the Irish Times and was heralded as a huge success by the media because the pioneering event was one of the first Instagram parties to be hosted in Ireland.

Connector 360 is a full service-marketing agency with award winning expertise that connects digital, mobile and social media marketing with offline marketing. Our services include everything from Strategy to Media & Promotions. Visit our website; for a full list of the services we provide. There you can also view projects and case studies we have worked on and download Free informative E-books that will help to get you started on the road to marketing bliss.


Digital Marketing Specialist career opportunity at leading Irish retailer

Our client is one of Ireland’s largest retailers of bicycles, with stores in Ireland and a large, growing online business.

They are seeking to recruit a highly motivated Digital Marketing Specialist to help develop and execute the digital and social marketing activity of the Group.  Key focus of this role will be to ensure all digital marketing and social media business development aspects are appropriately integrated into our overall activity, ensuring all activity is aligned with the business objectives of the Group.  The successful candidate will work as part of a young and dynamic team.

Salary: DOE

Desired Skills & Experience

  • A Level 8 Degree in a relative field is a requirement.
  • A flair for communications, both traditional and digital, with previous working experience creating PR campaigns.
  • Previous working experience managing Social Media channels and a practical knowledge of HTML and CSS skills.
  • Highly creative, inspiring, hard worker, great team player with the ability to work independently.
  • Passion for digital communications and knowledge of current digital trends.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Strong attention to detail, excellent written English skills and strong organisational skills.
  • Ability to work within tight deadlines, thrive in a very fast paced environment and demonstrate high levels of flexibility.
  • Must have a strong knowledge of Digital Marketing and SEO.
  • Excellent relationship management and communications skills.
  • Excellent Microsoft Office skills (ie: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Experience/Knowledge of tracking and recording results of digital marketing efforts.

Please send your CV and cover letter to team [@]



Digital Marketing Ninja wanted to gain experience with award winning team

Following the roaring success of our recent Digital Marketing Ninja recruitment, we are throwing open our dojo doors again!  We are looking for a full-time or part-time Digital Marketing Ninja to join the team immediately.  This mission would suit a fanatic in the arts of digital and social media marketing.  By joining our elite team you will gain industry experience with one of Ireland’s top digital specialists who offer a range of Digital, Social & Mobile services.

The Job
After your initiation to our brotherhood of ninja, you will work on internal projects and client work in the area of digital, social and mobile marketing.  You will gain invaluable experience with website content management, blogging, community management, digital video, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, mobile media and much more!  The student shall soon become the master…

The Ideal Candidate
Ideally you will already have the following –
Business degree, Communications degree, New media
Some experience in digital marketing and social media
Good Presentation Skills
Excellent writing and editing skills in English
A strong knowledge of Digital Marketing Metrics and Analysis is a plus
Martial arts skills not required (for now…)

About Us is a specialist Irish social media marketing business established in 2010.  We provide a full range of services including digital strategy, digital training; marketing campaigns; blog and website design; and digital content development including video and Facebook Apps.
Our clients include numerous local start-ups, SMEs and international businesses particularly in B2B social media.  We are also training partners to NUI Maynooth, Digital Marketing Institute and Dublin City Enterprise Board.

The Offer
This is a full time / part time junior position with considerable training.  We are looking at a 2-3 month trial period before we promote the person to a full time salaried position.  Commission on sales is available immediately if you can help us win new business.

People eligible for JobBridge can apply through this program and should the candidate prove successful after the the 2-3 month period a full time salaried position will be offered.

Digital Marketing Ninja Application Process

After everyone’s CV has been submitted the most fun and creative candidates will be invited to assemble at our digital dojo to take part in a Masterclass for 2-3 hours.  Once our Digital Marketing Sensei completes your training the fun begins and may the odds be in your favour, Daniel-san (or Danielle-san).

Candidates will be divided into small teams and be given a brief designing a proposal for a non-profit organisation.  This development will be guided by one of our social media ninjas that will provide all the information that you need to accomplish your mission.  The Digital Marketing Sensei will select the candidate best suited to the position.  And for those who are not successful this time, hopefully you will have developed some great new projects and skills for your portfolio.  As wise men say, “with many little strokes a large tree is felled”. Good luck!

To apply, contact us on with your CV and details of your availability with Digital Marketing Ninja in the subject line.

Digital Marketing Review – Soft Drinks Market Sector by NUI Maynooth students


As part of an E-marketing project, myself and three other NUI Maynooth students conducted a digital review of brands in the Soft drinks industry both internationally as well as here in Ireland. As students who indulge in a fizzy drink on almost a daily basis, we were keen to learn more about the market and the brands which dominate it.

Our review focuses on five popular Soft Drink brands in both the global and Irish market: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Irn Bru and Club Orange. We have looked at the performance of the social media platforms of the five brand’s, and have conducted a boss metrics analysis of their respective Facebook and Twitter accounts. Finally, we compiled our findings and presented key insights in a final report.


[hana-code-insert name=’NUIM softdrinkk slide’ /]


The following video highlights each brands respective commitment to social media through facts about each brand and there use of social media.

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Digital Marketing Review – Tourism Market Sector by NUI Maynooth students


Our project was based on five organizations that promote tourism in their respective locations. We chose Discover Ireland, Visit Scotland, Discover NI, Italia and Definitely Dubai as our organizations and examined both their interactions with social media platforms and their websites. Doing so we gained an insight into how these organizations promote themselves and how much of an audience they are achieving.

Using Boss Metrics we were able too see how the more organizations post on Facebook or Twitter the more responsive their recipients become by ‘liking’ or retweeting their content and becoming more involved with the organization. Also using the Boss Metrics we were fit to see that competitions such as that ran by Visit Scotland were highly effective in promoting the organization and raising its online profile.

Our team consisted of Conor Kelly, Keith Bracken, Sinead Sexton and Frances Bell.

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Digital Marketing Review – Irish Alcohol Market Sector by NUI Maynooth students


We have conducted a digital media review of the Irish Alcohol Sector, focusing on popular Beer & Cider brands across their Websites, Mobile and Social Media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. We chose Bulmers Ireland, Heineken, Budweiser, Carlsberg and Guinness Ireland. We then analyzed their data and highlighted some interesting insights; the tables below indicate our findings.

Facebook Analysis

facebook analytic

Facebook Top Stories

facebook top stories

What we discovered

  • Heineken has the most fans on Facebook while Bulmers Ireland has the lowest.
  • Budweiser, Heineken and Guinness use their sponsorship of events to engage customers with their brand.
  • Budweiser have the highest amount of people talking about them (PTAT) with 5.10% followed by Guinness with 4.52% and Heineken with 3.10%.
  • However Bulmers and Carlsberg had a poor PTAT rating of 1.6% and 1.5% respectively.
  • Heineken also have the highest rating for posts with a high number of shares utilizing their large fan base to engage with their larger target audience.

Key Insight

  • Competitions are used by the 5 companies to interact with customers and photos are the most popular content type.
  • Bulmers Ireland are not utilising their Facebook page and are not attracting the potential number of customers that they could be.
  • Although Guinness has a high average of posts per day they have not attracted a large volume of fans on their Irish Facebook page.
  • Carlsberg should increase their posts per day to get more interactions with fans.
  • With regards to popularity, in terms of the number of fans, Heineken is the superior page, followed by Budweiser, then Carlsberg, Guinness and lastly, Bulmers Ireland.
  • While Heineken has the greatest fan base and reach Budweiser is more engaging with their fan base with the highest PTAT rating at 5.1%

Twitter Analysis

twitter analysis

Twitter Top Stories

twitter top stories

What we discovered

  • Guinness Ireland has the highest number of followers on Twitter with Bulmers Ireland having the lowest number of followers.
  • Carlsberg and Heineken Ireland have the highest average tweets per day.
  • Most of the companies have a good average reply and interaction with customers however Bulmers Ireland has the lowest at 0.1.
  • Budweiser have the highest weekly mention, spreading their brand further.

Key Insight

  • Most of the companies use Twitter to promote events that they are involved in with their sponsorship.
  • Bulmers Ireland has failed to gain followers and interact with customers.
  • The companies use their Twitter pages for brand promotion by sharing images, videos and competitions.

In conclusion

A strong online presence is important in today’s highly competitive markets, in particular social media. A strong digital media strategy increases brand awareness. Companies cannot afford to ignore the power and popularity of Social Media. All 5 brands have a presence online with areas of strength and weakness. Overall Bulmers Ireland is the weakest across all online media platforms. Heineken have the strongest presence online, with the highest number of fans across combined social media platforms. Budweiser also has a strong presence as they have high levels of engagement as per their number of fans. However presentation can let them down, e.g. their website is cluttered and not user friendly. Guinness appears to target the Irish market best, through sponsorship and promotion and they have the most Irish social media accounts.


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Digital Marketing Review – Gambling Market Sector by NUI Maynooth students


For the past few months we’ve been working as a team to create a digital marketing report for our mn319 module. The purpose of the report was to choose the top 5 companies in a particular sector and compare their online presence within the social media hub otherwise known as Facebook and Twitter. The tools we used were’s BOSS Metrics and Google Analytics for our mobile review.  Our chosen sector was the Gambling Industry and the companies we compared were: Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Bet365 and Betfair and BoyleSports.

By no means was this easy and non stressful, but the facts which we stumbled upon during our research made the project extremely interesting and exciting to say the least.  As a team ‘’Bonding’’ trip we all headed off to the reputable Punchestown Festival to experience the atmosphere of the gambling world, we think we’ll be making an annual return!

Check out our YouTube video and SlideShare presentation to get a greater insight into our findings.

-Alice, Conor, Michael, Sinéad-
Team Gamblers!

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