Drive Sales on Facebook with Social Commerce

Many Irish companies are active across social media in one way or another, primarily on Facebook. But what is the next step for these companies in order to turn Facebook fans into customers?

Social Commerce is the next logical step in the process.

Most Facebook users do not like to navigate away from the site when using so although they are willing to ‘Like’ a company’s page they are often unwilling to visit their website to make a purchase. Also as far as younger Internet users are concerned Facebook IS the Internet, and they will seldom navigate away from the site while online.

With Social Commerce it is possible to sell directly on Facebook without trying to pull users away from they’re recreational Internet use. There are dozens of  Facebook Apps to help you to set up a Facebook storefront and allow transactions through your existing eCommerce system or through PayPal. There are less that allow you to accept transactions by credit card and publish your store across multiple platforms including Facebook, MySpace and your website or blog. Read more

Free Seminar with Facebook: Personal Branding & Social Media

Facebook will be speaking this Friday at the free seminar: Learn how to use Free Software to Promote yourself Online. The seminar which is an initiative of the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA), will take place at 10am at DIT Cathal Brugha Street.

The 2 hour seminar is open to the public and will teach how to promote your own personal brand online using social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It will feature practical tips & case studies on how to build your own profile, how to differentiate yourself on the internet and build respect and endorsements online.

Speaking at the event are Maggie McPartlin & Julien Muller of Facebook, Conor Lynch of and Anthony Quigley of Digital Marketing Institute.

To register for free please visit or register on Facebook.

New Website Checklist

Some important considerations are often ignored during a website design or redesign. Here are some things to keep in mind.
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Hootsuite = Social Media without the headache


One of the main reasons that business owners are skeptical about using social media is the amount of time it can take. This is definitely
true and is why larger companies often have dedicated community managers to take care of this.

Not many companies can afford this luxury however. So how do you manage your social media communities without spending an excessive amount of time on it? Well the first step is managing your various accounts from one spot.

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The Best CMS for your Business

Most business websites these day’s are powered by a Content Management System of one kind or another. A CMS allows business owners to change and add content to their website without having to go knocking on the door of the guy who developed the site. Most web design companies have a standard CMS that they offer to their customers as part of a package and some will custom build a specific system for a business’ needs.

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