Introducing connector360 Creative Agency

Welcome to a very special post about The new flagship and sister company to both and Boss Metrics. will continue to execute award winning social media campaigns and to educate companies on the benefits of using social channels, evolving into the social media branch of Connector360. The research and analytics company Boss Metrics is now the exclusive data provider for Connector360 and will continue to deliver to customers, opportunities for growth while also exposing any weaknesses currently being exploited by competitors. The findings streamlined into Competitor and Digital Listening reports that deliver a measureable ROI. marked the brands launch on the 19th of September with a momentous Instagram Party. The night’s endeavour’s included the Connector360 Instagrammys, Prinstagram, Gallery Show, and even an Interactive Wall not to mention food and drinks. The launch event was true to our motto; Online + Offline = Bottom Line as guests participated in the proceedings in real time through Instagram. Their engagement instantly visible across social platforms and in real time on the interactive wall or in the hard copy prints available to take home as souvenirs.

The gallery show included images by several of Dublin’s most influential bloggers and Iggers that lead to endless media impressions being broadcast throughout the WWW. The connector360 Facebook page included over 250 confirmed guests. The launch night featured in several online and offline publications including the Irish Times and was heralded as a huge success by the media because the pioneering event was one of the first Instagram parties to be hosted in Ireland.

Connector 360 is a full service-marketing agency with award winning expertise that connects digital, mobile and social media marketing with offline marketing. Our services include everything from Strategy to Media & Promotions. Visit our website; for a full list of the services we provide. There you can also view projects and case studies we have worked on and download Free informative E-books that will help to get you started on the road to marketing bliss.


Enterprise Ireland Start-up to watch: Boss Metrics

Boss Metrics has been named the Start-up to watch in this months (May 2013) Enterprise Ireland Newsletter. See the full article here.

The article talks about CEO Conor Lynch’s previous work with Guinness, Toyota and Vodafone and how the prospect of helping companies navigate the new digital frontier was not something he could ignore.

‘BOSS Metrics is a brand’s best friend when navigating the sometimes choppy and uncharted waters of social media and digital marketing.’

They go on to talk about the Boss Metrics Competitor Analysis reports saying “The jewel in BOSS Metrics crown is possibly its ‘digital espionage function’.”

If you wish to learn more about Boss Metrics please email us at:

Digital Media and Marketing Summit Dublin 2013

For the 4th consecutive year the Digital Summit is a unique opportunity for Irish companies interested in the Digital Media and Marketing sector to see local and international innovative ideas showcased at home in Dublin. This successful event puts agencies and clients together and the high quality of our national and international speakers will provide an excellent networking environment to discuss the highlights of the day.

Conor Lynch, founder of (Powered by BOSS Metrics), is one of the speakers and his talk is about Digital Marketing Data – The New Battlefield for Business.  He will talk about gaining competitive advantage by getting more insights from your own and your competitors digital data.

Apart from our trusted lieutenant Conor Lynch, many more speakers are speaking about the latest trends and technologies in Digital Media and Internet Marketing. Here they are some of them: Dorothy Creaven, Co-Founder and CEO, Element Software; Niall McKeown, Managing Director, iON; Stephen O’Leary, Managing Director, O’Leary Analytics; Alan Coleman, Founder and CEO, Wolfgang Digital.

Click Here to further information and to book the event and if you go, please come and say hello! Labs – Re-mixing marketing, media and technology!

social media labs Labs were designed to help co-create innovative digital marketing campaigns with our clients.  Our goal is to create world class digital & social media campaigns for our clients in 2013.

We bring a team of marketers, developers and creatives together to work on new ideas with your marketing team.  We will come up with stories about your brand and dream up the perfect mix of technology and media to get the word out there for you.

Organisations with great strategies and campaigns are gaining considerable competitive advantage as more and more of our lives are happening online. Our collaborative approach is hugely beneficial and in these labs real campaign ideas are conceived and planned out for our clients to implement. Labs can be booked by an organisation, be it commercial, educational or purely recreational!  From the team behind Connector Events, you can be sure this will be a valuable experience on many levels.


–          Campaign Lab – Campaigns co-created by a team of marketing and technology specialists

–          App Lab – Create really useful applications using Facebook Apps, Web Apps & Mobile Apps

–          Digital Video Lab – Bring your stories to life with our video planning, creation and promotion

–          WordPress Lab – We help you build great web sites and blogs to power your social media

To find out more about Labs, please call +353 1 906 0006 or email team [@]


D.I.T and NUI Maynooth students use BOSS Metrics social media analytics tool

At D.I.T. Aungiers Street, Dublin and NUI Maynooth, Kildare; 2nd Year Marketing Degree students and final year Business and Management Degree students have had the opportunity to gain practical experience working with 20 Irish Companies on Social Media projects.

Student teams have recruited business owners that have permitted them to manage their social media accounts, monitor and measure social media performance using analytics tools and provide recommendations for the business owners going forward in their digital marketing plans.

The team are being trained and guided by Industry professional Conor lynch; founder of and Conor’s team recently developed their own analytics software (BOSS Metrics) that he provided open access to for participating students.  The use of tools and the knowledge gained from class gives students a hands-on understanding of social media strategies and techniques to be used by both individuals and businesses.

Here is what some of the NUI Maynooth students had to say about their projects so far:

“Our team found BOSS Metrics analytics tool very convenient to be able to measure all social media platforms in one place. BOSS Metrics has a very clean and bright interface with colour coding that really helps when navigating. It’s very useful to be assisted with goals that help you to understand how you can improve your social media campaigns. It is easy to use; tools like “Reporter” and “Comparer” have saved us a lot of time and energy when preparing a report as it creates all the graphs and comparisons for you, therefore making our experience enjoyable.

 Name: Sofja Careva
 Course: BBS in Business and Management; 3rd year

“Over three years of academic studies, it has only been through our Social Media module that we have had the opportunity to get industry experience using practical tools. The use of BOSS Metrics social media analytics tool in the classroom, with real company data, has given us a unique insight into how businesses can reach their goals through social media. With businesses moving into social media in their droves, these skills give us a sure edge on what we can offer to an organisation when applying for a job upon graduation.”

Name: Annelli Nealon
Course: BBS in Business and Management; 3rd year



If you would like to get a 14 day free trial of the BOSS Metrics social media analytics tool; simply go to and apply. We wish everybody a successful and efficient social media expedition!


Conor Lynch from BOSS Metrics and at the Dublin Web Summit

This week the Dublin Web Summit was attended by some of the biggest technology companies in the industry as well as some of the hottest new tech start ups. Conor Lynch, CEO of BOSS Metrics, took the time to speak about BOSS Metrics and the future of social media training.

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Check out Conors ten second BOSS Metrics pitch below
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To sign up for BOSS Metrics, simply go to


BOSS Metrics Academy for student and college societies

At the BOSS Metrics Academy we are making it our mission to help college students master social media and get their societies reaching full potential. We are offering students the chance to join a great new social media metrics programme.

With the BOSS Metrics programme you can:

  • Manage Facebook and Twitter accounts and websites using Google Analytics
  • Improve social media performance and skills with our expert advice
  • View easy to understand reports to gauge your performance at a glance
  • Optimise marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Compare your social media with other societies
  • Get great career skills and add social media to your CV

BOSS Metrics is easy to use and simple to sign up to. We’ve already had great social media success with NUI Maynooth, DIT and the Digital Skills Academy who all use our BOSS Metrics. We are looking forward to sharing this success with colleges and universities across Ireland. There will be regular competitions and prizes for societies that that take their social media to the next level and create excellent improvements and viral content.

Sign up for a 14 free trial today @, then pay only €15/month if you want to continue benefiting from our great social media software.

Business Students offer to help Small Businesses with Social Media for Free!

Students Latifat Olagoke and Adam Byrne, who are currently in the final year of their Business Management Degree in NUI Maynooth can be seen below in our BOSS Metrics Student Project video asking for small businesses to register their interest in getting some help with their social media from the students using BOSS Metrics.

BOSS Metrics is a social media analytics tool which helps small businesses accelerate their learning and improve their social media. It creates easy to understand reports that offer actionable advice. The software is designed for social media non-experts so that the students can report back to the company.

The students are looking for small businesses to work with to help them on a free experiment to improve their performance in Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics. If you are interested, you could work with some of these students who will help you as part of a college project.

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Ideal participant organisations will be –

– Based near Maynooth or in Dublin
– Probably a SME or part of a small marketing team
– Have a Facebook Page, Twitter Profile and Google Analytics set up
– Are not that knowledgeable and want to improve and learn fast
– Would consider spending €15 p/m or more on an application like BOSS Metrics
– Willing to give 3rd level students access to your social media accounts to analyse the results

Interested? Email to express interest with your name, company and business sector. We only have limited availability so apply immediately!




Conor Lynch from BOSS Metrics to speak at Entrepreneur's Event

The Entrepreneurs and Small Business Conference is happening on October 3rd 2012 in the RDS, Dublin and is Ireland’s leading entrepreneurs and small business event.

The Sunday Business Post’s Entrepreneurs conferences have been running for 4 years and the event will consist of a line-up of speakers, visionary leaders, national and international experts – all professionally involved in small business, entrepreneurship and exports. One such speaker will be Conor Lynch, the founder of BOSS Metrics; a brand new social media analytics tool.


At this event you will learn how to start, finance, sustain and grow a small business, you will be able to meet the industry best and learn the secret of making it big. The conference is also an excellent networking opportunity and is perfect for people such as entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs, owners of small businesses, redundant employees, policy makers, bankers, universities and export specialists etc. to attend.

To read more about all the speakers and book your ticket now please visit:

BOSS Metrics Launches with Free Trial

Brand new social media analytics tool BOSS Metrics has recently launched itself onto the market and it is now possible to sign up for a free trial of the application. BOSS Metrics uses smarter social media analytics to accelerate the performance of small marketing teams.

There no need anymore to waste time looking at confusing social media marketing data. By providing actionable expert advice on what activities to stop, what to start and what to tweak, BOSS Metrics helps free up your time to run great social media campaigns.


The above BOSS Metrics report for example gives users everything they need to quickly analyse their social media performance at a glance. The reporting tool brings in data from Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics. Their intelligent reporting offers easy to understand reports with actionable expert advice from their social media knowledge-base.

Other features coming soon include the comparison tool which helps clients compare their social media performance against similar companies and the learning zone; an educational resource that helps users improve their social media marketing.

To sign up for a free trial of BOSS Metrics please Click Here