Red Bull and Adobe want to create the biggest Collective Art in the world


Adobe and Red Bull are inviting artists from 85 countries to be part of Red Bull Collective Art, a project that will create the biggest Collective Art in the world. Each one can give a hand with whatever they want. Either painting, drawing or drafting. To be part of it, you just need to register on the website and choose a date between 11 and 24 of March. One hour before your time starts, you’ll get an alert. When it is your time to draw, a window will pop up. You will need to download the file and continue the job of the previous guest artist.  Afterwards  send the file to the next artist on the list.

A total of 27 guest artists from around the world were invited to start. Registration to participate can be done until 23 March and all participants will get a free copy of Adobe Creative Cloud. The result of this collective project will be featured in a worldwide exhibition that will be brought to several countries, starting in May.

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Source: Brainstorm9