Fáilte Ireland LinkedIn Webinar Follow-Up

Hello, everyone!

SocialMedia.ie would like to say thank you to Ian and Colette from RazorCoast for organising the LinkedIn Webinar. Here are some more questions from viewers that we did not have time to answer on the day. We hope you find the answers useful. For further information follow the hashtag #FiWebinar and @SocialMedia_ie

1. Our hotel name has changed but I cannot seem to edit the name change?  How can I do this in LinkedIn?
R: Changes to company names can only be made by the LinkedIn’s Company Page team. Here is the link to request a change. You need to provide the following information when requesting the change:

– The exact spelling of how the name currently appears on LinkedIn

– How name should actually read

– The URL (webpage link) for the company page on LinkedIn

2. Can I use my contacts to advertise an event? If so how?
R: There are a few ways in which you could advertise your event to your contacts. First you could send them a direct message. To do this select “Compose Message” from the Inbox menu. When you are writing the message at the bottom of the screen you can UNCLICK the option to show names and email addresses. This is important so you don’t spam people. You could also post an update on your profile which will automatically be seen by all your contacts, and if you specifically ask them to share it with their network then it could get spread around a bit further

3. How do I set up a company on LinkedIn?
R: It’s possible to set up a company in just a few steps. First of all, go to the “add company page” by clicking on the link below. Enter your company name and email address. You’ll then need to verify these details through an automatic email that you’ll receive. Next fill in your company’s details and that’s it. Now, you need to identify your potential groups of connection and take advantage of everything that LinkedIn has to offer. Click here to Add a Company Page!

 4. How do I set up a group e.g. Event Managers @ XHotel…The idea would be it is a members club to make inquiries, avail of discounts/special offers etc..
R: Click the link below to go to the Create a Group screen in LinkedIn or select “Create a Group” from the Groups menu. Then start filling out all the information. At the bottom of the screen you must choose if you want to create a private group or an open group. In this example you may want to have a private group as it sounds like it’s only meant to be available to members. Check here to Create a Group!

5.  How can I make somebody else an admin for the company page? I created a company page from my own profile but can’t find where I can make the owner an admin. 
R: If you are a Company Page administrator, you can add other administrators by following the steps below:

– Click Companies at the top of your homepage and search for your company.

– On the search results page, click your company’s name.

– Click Edit in the upper right.

– Go to the Company Page Admins section. 

– Type the name of a connection that you want to be an admin. You must be connected to the new admins through LinkedIn before you can add them.

– Click Publish

6. How can I merge my LinkedIn Accounts?
R: It is not possible to merge two LinkedIn accounts. But, one option that could be useful is to analyse which account has more connections, more friends, more completed information and more updates, and then change the email address for the one that you want to keep activated. If you have friends from the other LinkedIn account that you will no longer be using, make a note of their names as you will need to invite them to connect again.

7. We do a lot of work with TY students in our Cookery school. Sometimes struggle to link with their influencers i.e their teachers. Any suggestions?
R: You can put some posts on WordPress and share it on LinkedIn or also create a group to discuss a subject of general interest.

8. Does the standard free profile suffice for networking or is the upgraded profile far more beneficial?  
R: Standard profile is fine while getting started and you can upgrade to Pro when you have more experience and ready to invest more money in LinkedIn.

9. What is the key advantage of the upgrade version over the free version?
The full list of benefits are listed in LinkedIn as they encourage you to upgrade! Check it here!

10. Is LinkedIn good for the craft sector?  (e.g. stone carver) 
R: Yes, you’ll find all kinds of potential customers and partners on LinkedIn. One thing that would be great is to put all that you have identified any connection or interest in this sector in a group and bring a subject to discuss and engage each other. After that, it would be possible to select potential customers for what you are looking for and keep in touch through groups, direct message or shared posts.

11. Is there a future for a tiny business, ( I provide the Kinsale Heritage Town Walk.) on Linkedin?
R: Yes. You can reach out to walkers and partners in LinkedIn.

12.   Often Personal invitations from Smart Devices are standard and not available to customise? Whats the advice here?
R: It is very important that requests to connect are personalised so as the mobile apps don’t allow them to be personalised then only do connection requests via the LinkedIn website.

13. LinkedIn seems to be very Ireland/UK/USA focussed – is it of any use if my markets are not in those areas?
R: LinkedIn is in fact very popular across Europe and the rest of the world (check out the infographic here). However, there are other similar business social networks in Europe that you may also want to consider. For example, www.xing.com is a popular one in Germany with over 10 million users and another popular European network is the French network www.viadeo.com with over 50 million users.