D.I.T and NUI Maynooth students use BOSS Metrics social media analytics tool

At D.I.T. Aungiers Street, Dublin and NUI Maynooth, Kildare; 2nd Year Marketing Degree students and final year Business and Management Degree students have had the opportunity to gain practical experience working with 20 Irish Companies on Social Media projects.

Student teams have recruited business owners that have permitted them to manage their social media accounts, monitor and measure social media performance using analytics tools and provide recommendations for the business owners going forward in their digital marketing plans.

The team are being trained and guided by Industry professional Conor lynch; founder of socialmedia.ie and BOSSMetrics.com. Conor’s team recently developed their own analytics software (BOSS Metrics) that he provided open access to for participating students.  The use of tools and the knowledge gained from class gives students a hands-on understanding of social media strategies and techniques to be used by both individuals and businesses.

Here is what some of the NUI Maynooth students had to say about their projects so far:

“Our team found BOSS Metrics analytics tool very convenient to be able to measure all social media platforms in one place. BOSS Metrics has a very clean and bright interface with colour coding that really helps when navigating. It’s very useful to be assisted with goals that help you to understand how you can improve your social media campaigns. It is easy to use; tools like “Reporter” and “Comparer” have saved us a lot of time and energy when preparing a report as it creates all the graphs and comparisons for you, therefore making our experience enjoyable.

 Name: Sofja Careva
 Course: BBS in Business and Management; 3rd year

“Over three years of academic studies, it has only been through our Social Media module that we have had the opportunity to get industry experience using practical tools. The use of BOSS Metrics social media analytics tool in the classroom, with real company data, has given us a unique insight into how businesses can reach their goals through social media. With businesses moving into social media in their droves, these skills give us a sure edge on what we can offer to an organisation when applying for a job upon graduation.”

Name: Annelli Nealon
Course: BBS in Business and Management; 3rd year



If you would like to get a 14 day free trial of the BOSS Metrics social media analytics tool; simply go to http://www.bossmetrics.com and apply. We wish everybody a successful and efficient social media expedition!