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Win tickets to Irish Blogger Conference 2015

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We are excited to join the Irish Blogger Conference on the 30 of May in the Radisson Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin.

The event is for all bloggers, business and social media users of all genres- new, aspiring or seasoned to gain tips and tricks to network and learn, make new friends and connections during a fabulously fun filled day.

The stellar line up of inspirational speakers, industry professionals, top Irish bloggers and social media personalities will be sharing their knowledge and experience.

Irish TV will be filming on the day, there are competitions throughout the event for AMAZING PRIZES, a live twitter wall, live illustrations, stands, photographers and videographers on hand to give advice and lots more.

The Charity Partner this year is TeenLine Ireland.

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JAMIE TUOHY WRITER BLOGGER AND SOCIAL MEDIA STAR at Croke Park to the 3XE Digital at Croke Park to the 3XE Digital

We are delighted to be joining 3XE Digital on May 19th at Croke Park, Dublin.

The goal of 3XE Digital Conference Series is to educate and promote forward thinking and thought leadership on topics related to internet business and marketing in a forum for leading digital professionals to come together for additional networking and professional development.


Learn from the very best in the digital marketing industry about what the future holds for your business. Attend workshops to understand the very latest in best practice. We’ll introduce you to some of the best subject matter experts available in digital marketing. You’ll be massively engaged through listening, learning and networking.

You’ll meet some of the best high profile international keynote expert speakers in Dublin in 2015 to discuss these vital themes to enable our sponsors, exhibitors and delegates to meet and network in Europe’s digital hub. The venue for this exciting event is Dublin’s famous and historic Croke Park.

Click here to get your ticket online and have 20% off with the promotional code: ConnectorDiscount

You can learn more about the show at

We look forward to seeing you there!

Capture d’écran 2015-05-11 à 13.39.43 partners the All-Ireland Business Summit

We are excited to announce that will be joining the All-Ireland Business Summit on May 13th at Croke Park, Dublin.

This event is aimed at bringing Irish businesses from all 32 counties of Ireland to Croke Park, to network and do business in a one day high energy event. It has made a lot of exciting announcements on inspiring keynote speakers and event features (entrepreneurs live streaming zone, business advice zone, business networking sessions etc). Over 70 businesses will be exhibiting and showcasing their services on the day.


It will be an excellent opportunity for you to network with over 1,200 attendees!

The All Ireland Business Summit will be the premier event for business owners and professionals in 2015. Attendees will have excellent networking opportunities throughout the day to make to make worthwhile connections. The event will present a compelling line-up of speakers to reflect issues affecting businesses in Ireland today, with invaluable insight from business experts and academics on how to seize business growth opportunities and identify new ideas.


Click here to get your ticket online and have 10 euros voucher with the promotional code: SOCIALMEDIA

You can learn more about the show at

We are looking forward to see you there!

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Win tickets to the European Rugby Final

Connector is delighted to have been working with European Rugby on their social media the last 3 months. We hope you are impressed with the impressive Instagram community we have helped them create – almost 9,000 followers!

Would you like to win tickets for you and your friends to the European Rugby Final at Twickenham on Saturday? It couldn’t be easier! Go on and follow the instructions.

#YellowForADay? Tell us who would you pick to go with you to the Champions Cup Final at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday, 2 May? Tag them, like this post and follow @EPCRchampionscup for a chance to win 3 tickets for you and your friends! #EPCRChampionsCup #ercc#epcr #rugby

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#RedForADay? Tell us who would you pick to go with you to the Champions Cup Final at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday, 2 May? Tag them, like this post and follow @EPCRchampionscup for a chance to win 3 tickets for you and your friends! #EPCRChampionsCup #ercc#epcr #rugby

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Good luck everyone!

Understanding-Social-Media-Blog-Post---Connector---24-04-15---GM contributes to the Understanding Social Media book.

Conor Lynch and Ivan Adriel from and were proud contributors to the new book called “Understanding Social Media”. They attended the London launch party and had a great night as guest of the author Damian Ryan and the publishers.

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Understanding Social Media is the essential guide to social media for students and professionals alike. Drawing on the experience, advice and tips from dozens of digital marketers and social media superstars, it is an extensive crowd-sourced guide to social media platforms.

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Illustrated throughout with case studies from both successful and failed campaigns, Understanding Social Media democratizes knowledge of social media and promotes best practice, answering questions such as ‘How do you create a compelling social media campaign?’, ‘How do you build and engage with an audience?’ and ‘Where is the line between online PR and social media drawn?’ It is the most comprehensive and practical reference guide to social media available.

To buy the book go to which are currently offering a 20% discount (cheaper than Amazon!) with code MKTUSML.


Hardware Association of Ireland & Digital Bootcamp

To learn more about the innovative Hardware Association of Ireland & Digital Bootcamp go to


Delicious Digital Marketing for Food Businesses.

The Digital Marketing Programme was created specially for food businesses, micro-breweries, boutiques distilleries and coffee roasteries. We want to help you not just learn, but implement successful strategies in food & drink marketing with a strong digital flavour.

This is the perfect new platform for food marketers at established brands, SMEs and food startups to get help and advice on how to build their brand, raise awareness and drive sales.

The Monthly Workshops are run in The Digital Hub in Dublin and during the programme we are available as you create your Masterplan. Monthly Menu includes a digital audit, a digital strategy, a digital studio, social media plans, digital campaigns, digital advertising and digital sales.
At most workshops we will have a special guest speaker who will share their digital learnings and successes. We will also deliver 1-2 sessions as live & recorded webinars during summer holidays.

If you want to register for the Digital Food Marketing Programme, or just want to more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Phone: +353 1 906 0006
Twitter: @socialmedia_ie


The Future Of Retail

When a retail giant like Penny’s, whose market strategy has traditionally been pile ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap, suddenly takes a leap into the eCommerce arena, you know there has to be something to this online retailing.

From Tesco to Amazon, these massive retailers have recognised a shift in consumer behaviour. Customers no longer have the luxury of an hour for lunch with which to wander around the shops or time after work with which to do the grocery shopping. Nowadays lunch invariably consists of a hastily inhaled sandwich while manning the phone-lines and absorbing the latest updates through social media platforms, while grocery shopping is ordered sitting in traffic dreaming of dinner but making your way to the gym instead. Retailers have to fit into this new fast paced world to prosper. The manner with which they do this will be the difference between making enough to put bread on the table, or, making so much they manage to give the whole family gout.

A company could be fortunate, like An Post, where this tidal wave of change carries them from one era to another seamlessly; as snail-mail dies a death, parcel delivery from online purchasing has increased dramatically, and looks set to continue into the future. Postmen are no longer shoving unwanted bills into spider infested post-boxes, but rather are more akin to Santa’s elves asking people to sign for little parcels of joy.

However, if you are not so fortunate, you must then be a little creative.

Online shopping offers the small and agile retailer a chance to reach the hearts and minds of their customers, and through that, their wallets. There have been leaders in this charge; C&A allowing the number of virtual likes to be shown above the product in their physical stores, Urban Hitlon Weiner giving credit to customers for posting selfies, Kate Spade creating a digital storefront.  These strategies take advantage of activities in which their customers are already engaged and capitalise on them. They convert product interaction into purchase opportunity, turning the passive consumer into an engaged advocate.

All around us the traditional tools of retail are being adapted and modernised. “Customers who purchase this item also purchased…” has become the online version of sweets at the till. “Share this purchase” is the online equivalent of parading the bargain you picked up at lunch to your co-workers. “What other customers are looking at right now..” induces the same panic of a half empty shelf holding this Christmas’ must-have item.

Communication is moving forward, and retail is moving with it. The new era holds untold opportunity to those who embrace it, ask HMV what happens to those who don’t.

Written by Cathy Clarke

Cathy Clarke is the driving force behind the Irish Lifestyle blog A Home Made By Committee. Based in Ireland, she has over ten years’ experience writing within the Archaeological, Financial and IT industries. When not writing she will be found either designing, dancing, digging or doing DIY.


Viral Marketing – Creating the buzz

With over 5 trillion display ads viewed online every year, 400 million tweets posted daily, nearly 145,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube daily and nearly 5 million updates shared on Facebook every day, marketers need to ask themselves how do you break through all that noise. The answer? Viral marketing.

What makes a good viral ad? People want a short video that suits their current mood and attention span. The essence of a great viral video is to capture the audience’s attention quickly. If you want to get people’s attention, give them something that is worthy of their time and emotional investment. It takes great content, execution and promotion to get videos noticed and to go viral. Massive exposure and a good buzz on social media are essential for a viral video.

In a recent Ted Talks video, YouTube director Kevin Alloca examined “why videos go viral” He identified three key reasons:

1. Taste makers & trend setters

These include social influencers like Jimmy Kimmel, late night talk show hosts, presenters, and others in the public eye. Such people can greatly influence video virality by showing them to not only their audience, but millions of viewers worldwide.

2. Participatory creative communities

These are the people who spread the viral videos

3. Complete unexpectedness

For a video to stand out and go viral it needs to be unique.



A great example of a truly viral video comes from Blendtec, a once small local blender company whose ‘Will it Blend’ video series – in which they blend anything from credit cards to iPads – made them world famous.

As a marketer you must target your viewer early with strong emotions. Common emotions used in viral content are curiosity, amazement, interest, astonishment, uncertainty and admiration.We have seen this in a number of ads that have gone viral throughout the years. The Volkswagen ‘The Force’ advertisement combines these emotions to present an engaging story about a young boy trying to use his Star Wars skills. The ad both surprises and delights the audience which is one of the reasons it has gone viral so quickly. Dove is another great example of a brand which has successfully tapped into people’s emotions. Their most recent “Dove Face Sketch” campaign plays on the emotions of astonishment that these women have such low self confidence and amazement at the difference is the sketches of how they described themselves compared to others.

Why do people share viral videos? Because people love to share the feelings they get from watching a great viral video. People love to share their feelings online. The cuter the babies or animals in the video the higher the chance of the video getting shared is. I think this is because it’s a nearly guaranteed way of brighten up another person’s day.

The ultimate goal of any company venturing into the world of viral videos should be to build a long-term position for your brand.By including video content as part of your inbound marketing mix, you can stand at the forefront of people’s minds and cement your customer’s status as your company’s brand ambassadors. Viral video marketing is no different from any other marketing tactics – the goal is achieve brand loyalty amongst consumers.

Written by Alison Hatt

Alison is a currently working for an exciting start up in Dublin. She holds an MSc in Digital Marketing and a BComm from University College Dublin. She is passionate about all things social media and omni channel marketing. Alison is a garlic enthusiast and a dog lover, particularity her own dog; Indie. You can find her on Twitter @alisonhatt