at Croke Park to the 3XE Digital at Croke Park to the 3XE Digital

We are delighted to be joining 3XE Digital on May 19th at Croke Park, Dublin.

The goal of 3XE Digital Conference Series is to educate and promote forward thinking and thought leadership on topics related to internet business and marketing in a forum for leading digital professionals to come together for additional networking and professional development.


Learn from the very best in the digital marketing industry about what the future holds for your business. Attend workshops to understand the very latest in best practice. We’ll introduce you to some of the best subject matter experts available in digital marketing. You’ll be massively engaged through listening, learning and networking.

You’ll meet some of the best high profile international keynote expert speakers in Dublin in 2015 to discuss these vital themes to enable our sponsors, exhibitors and delegates to meet and network in Europe’s digital hub. The venue for this exciting event is Dublin’s famous and historic Croke Park.

Click here to get your ticket online and have 20% off with the promotional code: ConnectorDiscount

You can learn more about the show at

We look forward to seeing you there!


Hardware Association of Ireland & Digital Bootcamp

To learn more about the innovative Hardware Association of Ireland & Digital Bootcamp go to

Social Media Presentation at the Dublin Food Chain

Social Media Presentation at the Dublin Food Chain

We were really delighted to talk this morning at Dublin Food Chain.

Please visit Dublin Food Chain Breakfast Workshop for the full list of speakers and details about the event.

We hope you liked our presentation on How to serve up tasty social media for the food sector.

If you missed it you can find the presentation below


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Engaging Nonprofit Volunteers through Social Media

Volunteer Ireland are hosting the National Volunteer Management Conference today so naturally our interest spiked when they asked a member of our team to give a workshop on engaging volunteers through social media. We jumped at the chance, as here at connector360 we have a special place in our heart for nonprofit organizations and the great work they do.

Our whiz kid project manager Sarah was chosen for the task due to her background working with The Irish Cancer Society. She got the head down and immersed herself in research on how nonprofits use social channels successfully. What did she find? They are pretty darn good at it!

She packaged up her findings into a lovely presentation which you can find on Slideshare below:

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Some of the major insights she uncovered was the volunteers today are young, they’re generous and they are your online influencers. They share, share and keep on sharing the good work of the organizations they are involved with.
So, connector360 is sending a call out to all young people out there to get involved with a charity that is close to their heart. There’s no comparison to how rewarding the work is but more importantly you are helping others.

The Social Media Screw-Ups Collection


Social media can prove an evil mistress at times. More of a frenemy then a best pal. One minute you are reaping the rewards of the online movement, the next you’ve got every damage control procedure underway. A simple term-of-phase or accidentally using your business account instead of your personal one can backfire causing a serious negative impact on your business.

You can find yesterdays presentation from the Cork Chamber of Commerce  below which outlines some of the ultimate ‘oopsies’ that have occurred through businesses using their social media channels. Enjoy!

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Image credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Whiteboard Masterclass No.1 – Targeting Social Media Influencers.

This is the first in our series of videos explaining Digital Marketing concepts. This week we’re explaining Targeting and Influencers, two of the most important concepts for a focussed marketing strategy.

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Super Sports Social Media Examples 2013 presented at Leman Solicitors yesterday about Social Media in the Sports Sector.  here are some of the top performers in social media and sports from our presentation.

Thanks to Larry Fenelon from Leman Solicitors and the Federation of Irish Sport who organised the event and had 25 leaders from Irish sports.

If you want us to speak at your next event, please get in contact!

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 Larry Fenelon from Leman Solicitors

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Sources include Mashable and KT Tape. presents on B2B Social Media at an Enterprise Ireland event

The Enterprise Ireland Internet Marketing Unit hosted an eMarketing event for clients on the subject of using the Internet to Compete in International Markets on Thursday, 19th of July 2012, in the Heritage Hotel, Portlaoise, Co Laois.

The event was specifically targeted at those who work in international marketing and sales, or those responsible for their company’s online marketing strategy.

Leading experts in their fields covered topics such as:

  •     Developing an Online Marketing Strategy;
  •     Online Localisations for International Markets;
  •     Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Marketing;
  •     Branding & Getting the Web Site Content Right.

Conor Lynch presented a ‘Social Media B2B Mashup’ which can be seen here:

[hana-code-insert name=’Social Media B2B Mashup Slideshare’ /]

For more information about Enterprise Ireland events or presentations please visit:

Enterprise Ireland Events –
Enterprise Ireland Slideshare –