Engaging Nonprofit Volunteers through Social Media

Volunteer Ireland are hosting the National Volunteer Management Conference today so naturally our interest spiked when they asked a member of our team to give a workshop on engaging volunteers through social media. We jumped at the chance, as here at connector360 we have a special place in our heart for nonprofit organizations and the great work they do.

Our whiz kid project manager Sarah was chosen for the task due to her background working with The Irish Cancer Society. She got the head down and immersed herself in research on how nonprofits use social channels successfully. What did she find? They are pretty darn good at it!

She packaged up her findings into a lovely presentation which you can find on Slideshare below:

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Some of the major insights she uncovered was the volunteers today are young, they’re generous and they are your online influencers. They share, share and keep on sharing the good work of the organizations they are involved with.
So, connector360 is sending a call out to all young people out there to get involved with a charity that is close to their heart. There’s no comparison to how rewarding the work is but more importantly you are helping others.

The Social Media Screw-Ups Collection


Social media can prove an evil mistress at times. More of a frenemy then a best pal. One minute you are reaping the rewards of the online movement, the next you’ve got every damage control procedure underway. A simple term-of-phase or accidentally using your business account instead of your personal one can backfire causing a serious negative impact on your business.

You can find yesterdays presentation from the Cork Chamber of Commerce  below which outlines some of the ultimate ‘oopsies’ that have occurred through businesses using their social media channels. Enjoy!

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Image credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Whiteboard Masterclass No.1 – Targeting Social Media Influencers.

This is the first in our series of videos explaining Digital Marketing concepts. This week we’re explaining Targeting and Influencers, two of the most important concepts for a focussed marketing strategy.

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Super Sports Social Media Examples 2013 presented at Leman Solicitors yesterday about Social Media in the Sports Sector.  here are some of the top performers in social media and sports from our presentation.

Thanks to Larry Fenelon from Leman Solicitors and the Federation of Irish Sport who organised the event and had 25 leaders from Irish sports.

If you want us to speak at your next event, please get in contact!

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 Larry Fenelon from Leman Solicitors

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Sources include Mashable and KT Tape. presents on B2B Social Media at an Enterprise Ireland event

The Enterprise Ireland Internet Marketing Unit hosted an eMarketing event for clients on the subject of using the Internet to Compete in International Markets on Thursday, 19th of July 2012, in the Heritage Hotel, Portlaoise, Co Laois.

The event was specifically targeted at those who work in international marketing and sales, or those responsible for their company’s online marketing strategy.

Leading experts in their fields covered topics such as:

  •     Developing an Online Marketing Strategy;
  •     Online Localisations for International Markets;
  •     Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Marketing;
  •     Branding & Getting the Web Site Content Right.

Conor Lynch presented a ‘Social Media B2B Mashup’ which can be seen here:

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For more information about Enterprise Ireland events or presentations please visit:

Enterprise Ireland Events –
Enterprise Ireland Slideshare –


Cian Corbett Delivers a Social Media Training Session for the Digital Marketing Institute

Yesterday evening Cian delivered a three hour session on social media on behalf of the Digital Marketing Institute. As the first session of two to be delivered at the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Cian covered an introduction to social media and gave some in depth advice on blogs and Facebook Marketing.

Read more and DMI provide Social Media Training to ITAA

Conor Lynch and Cian Corbett of had the pleasure of conducting training sessions with the ITAA on behalf of the DMI yesterday. The Irish Travel Agents Association are embracing Social Media as a way of engaging with their customer base and growing their business.

Irish Travel Agents Association Logo


Social Media is proving to be the perfect medium for Travel Agents as holiday makers love sharing their holiday photos through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Blogs. More importantly, Social Media channels are a huge source of information for customers to research  a holiday destination and holiday provider.

We look forward working with the ITAA again the near future. Tribes Challenge 2011 is a specialist social media agency based in Dublin. Our sister website connector.TV is a blogger network that features news and stories about interesting people, communities and events around Ireland. specialises in B2B whereas connector.TV concentrates on B2C. has created Tribes. Tribes are known as communities, groups or clubs with a shared passion or situation. According to mythical legend, there were many tribes inhabiting Ireland hundreds of years BC such as Fomhóire, Tuatha De Danann and the Nemedians. Every country has their own tribes and each has their own unique appearance and customs.

In popular culture, the term Tribes was promoted by Seth Godin who has stated that ‘Tribes are groups of people connected to one another, connected to an idea’. These groups of people are connecting online and offline all around the world. From the surfers in Lahinch to the Leinster rugby fans to the hurling fanatics in Kilkenny, the Tribes in Ireland today come in all shapes and sizes. On the connector.TV blog we bring all these tribes together from Dublin to Cork to Belfast to London. We have people writing about subject areas they like such as arts & culture, film, fashion, sport, comedy and technology. Members from different tribes connect and interact with one another by writing their views on a particular subject area.

Your Challenge

You are the new social media manager for a brand of your choice, real or fictitious, in a B2C or B2B sector. You are keen to impress your Marketing Director who is not convinced about the merits of social media. You have a meeting lined up with the Board of Directors and we would like you to prepare a short report on ‘Social Media Tribes’ for them outlining the following:

  • Choose your brand and say why it was chosen.
  • What are your favourite Tribes in this sector and give some examples.
  • Name your selection of 2 Tribes most relevant for your brand with details of why they were chosen
  • Your selection of 3 bloggers most relevant for your brand to engage.
  • Complete a PowerPoint presentation (5 slides) and upload to
  • Write a 250 (or more) word blog post about your Tribe for posting on connector.TV
  • Use photographs, imagery and designs you find
  • There is an option to include a relevant video you find on YouTube which will bring the post to life.
  • There is no budget for this project, it can be as high or as low as you want.

This can be completed by individuals or groups of no more than 4 people. In each piece of work we will look for your name, your information or content sources in the credits and link to web sites from which you have taken extracts.

Your Rewards

We will review all of the submissions during November. In December, we will be holding an event where we will recognise the best Tribes presentations and blog posts. We are hoping to find companies willing to sponsor prizes so we will have some goodies for you too. Tribes Challenge is a great way for you to get experience with social media, raise your personal profile and it will look great on your CV. We request permission to use your work online and offline to promote your tribes, your talent and our project.

If you are interested in being involved, email and follow @SocialMedia_ie on Twitter.