7 most popular teenager Instagram accounts

I did some research on the users of Instagram and there are approximately 200 million users that are sharing their photos with the World. I wanted to know which accounts these 200 million people follow and I came to the surprising result, that 41% of Instagram accounts are created by users under 25 years. That’s why I wanted to find out what the most popular teenage Instagram accounts are.

#1 Kendall Jenner

Is it because of her role on E’s famous TV show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ that she has so many followers? Or is it the fact that she also happens to be a supermodel? We don’t know but with 36.7m followers on Instagram, Kendall Jenner is easily first on our list.

Kendall made Instagram history when her picture received 2.6m likes, the highest amount of likes so far.

kendall jenner photo

Source: Instagram @kendalljenner

#2 Kylie Jenner

Coming in close to Kendall, her sister Kylie Jenner has 36.5m Instagram followers. Kylie also made her debut on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

Kylie often posts pictures with celebrities such as Tyga and Pia Mia, possibly where some followers stream from. She and Kendall have a fashion brand with a well-known store called ‘Pacsun’ which they advertise on Instagram.

Source: Instagram @kyliejenner

Source: Instagram @kyliejenner

#3 Zendaya Coleman

With 11.9m Instagram followers, Zendaya Coleman is the third most popular teenage Instagram account. Zendaya has previously starred on Disney Channel’s ‘Shake It Up’. Zendaya recently released her new song‘Keep It Undercover’ in August.

Her feed mainly consists of pictures from her daily life, giving fans an insight into her busy world.

Source: Instagram @zendaya

Source: Instagram @zendaya

#4 Nash Grier

Nash is famous for his Vine Account, which has 12.1 million followers.

Almost as successful as his Vines Account is his Instagram account with 8.1m followers. He posts pictures with his famous friends such as  ‘Jack and Jack’, an upcoming duet who also gained publicity from Vine.

Source: Instagram @nashgrier

Source: Instagram @nashgrier

#5 Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas has 7.6 million followers on Instagram and like Nash Grier, became well known from his Vine account.

He has starred in one film and is currently starring in ‘The Outfield’. Cameron has also won 3 Teen Choice Awards.

Cameron’s followers mostly stem from Vine and YouTube as he posts comedy videos like Nash Grier.

Source: Instagram @camerondallas

Source: Instagram @camerondallas

#6 Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone is a pop singer from Texas. He began his career by posting YouTube videos of himself singing before he signed with Universal Republic Records.

Austin has 7.6m followers on Instagram.

The majority of his posts on Instagram are ‘selfies’ ; pictures of himself or working on his music.

Source: Instagram @austinmahone

Source: Instagram @austinmahone

#7 Bella Thorne

Like Zendaya Coleman, Bella Thorne starred on Disney Channel’s ‘Shake It Up’.  She has 6.4m followers on Instagram and is a singer and model.

Her Instagram account is quite colorful and filled with pictures of her and famous friends.

Source: Instagram @bellathorne

As you can see these young individuals have a lot of  influence over social media. For some of them Instagram was the initial big break for their career but for others it is a just a way to connect with their fans.


Aware’s #BeatTheBlues campaign brings colour to the darkness of depression

Some projects give us so much pride and happiness for contributing in some way to something bigger, like changing lives. That is the case of the latest Aware campaign which features their ambassador Dublin GAA star Bernard Brogan 🙂

Each year Aware currently delivers its Beat the Blues programme free to over 30,000 Irish students aged 15-18. With almost 75% of all serious mental health difficulties first emerging between the ages of 15 and 25, Aware believes it is vital to get in early and educate young people about how to recognise symptoms of depression and where possible prevent it from spiralling out of control.

Our campaign video features street art and the theme is bringing colour to the darkness and underlining the common issue of surviving which connects us all. This two-minute video – a collaboration with graffiti artist, HyerografX – is intended to highlight something that is fundamental to each and every one of us: our mental health. The video also highlights Aware’s work in schools, helping teenagers to understand the importance of looking after their own mental health and helping them to build resilience and develop coping skills 🙂

Be part of the change. Please join the #BeatTheBlues conversation, share our video or text BeattheBlues to 50300 to donate €4 to Aware.


Digital Donations #12Days of Christmas App

Christmas is fast approaching and our elves have been busy in the workshop creating something extra special for this year’s holiday season. We have created an app to harness the power of social media that will enable 12 Irish charities to spread their messages further and faster this Christmas.

We are inviting you to help lead the movement for a really important campaign. Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, or so says all of the advertisements that started in October (yikes), but let’s not forget that Christmas can also be a hard time for so many and we want to give a helping hand. Will you join us?

We are starting a digital donations campaign urging the online community to give a helping hand this Christmas. We are asking Facebook and Twitter users to donate their online influence to help spread the important messages of various Irish charities over the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

Coming together as a community is more important the ever at this time of year and we want to encourage the gift of giving through a simple Facebook post or Tweet. We have created an app that posts a different charity’s message each day to your Facebook or Twitter feed for the 12 days running up to Christmas. By banding together through our social networks we can ensure that important messages from charities are heard and spread quickly throughout the online community, encouraging others to reach out and show a bit of Christmas spirit this holiday season.

So how can you help us? With your influence of course! We are encouraging you to sign up and join the cause. It’s the time of year for sharing and caring and we want to get as many people as possible to donate their online space through using the app and helping those in need the Christmas.

Charities we are supporting are all worthy of support and are the Irish Youth Foundation, Irish Cancer Society, UNICEF, Goal, Barnardos, Jack & Jill Foundation, WALK, ARC Cancer Support Centre, Gay Switchboard, Irish Kidney Association, PAWS & Console.

Please support the #12days Digital Donation Campaign here

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Engaging Nonprofit Volunteers through Social Media

Volunteer Ireland are hosting the National Volunteer Management Conference today so naturally our interest spiked when they asked a member of our team to give a workshop on engaging volunteers through social media. We jumped at the chance, as here at connector360 we have a special place in our heart for nonprofit organizations and the great work they do.

Our whiz kid project manager Sarah was chosen for the task due to her background working with The Irish Cancer Society. She got the head down and immersed herself in research on how nonprofits use social channels successfully. What did she find? They are pretty darn good at it!

She packaged up her findings into a lovely presentation which you can find on Slideshare below:

[hana-code-insert name=’Engaging Nonprofit Volunteers Through Social Media’ /]


Some of the major insights she uncovered was the volunteers today are young, they’re generous and they are your online influencers. They share, share and keep on sharing the good work of the organizations they are involved with.
So, connector360 is sending a call out to all young people out there to get involved with a charity that is close to their heart. There’s no comparison to how rewarding the work is but more importantly you are helping others. Whiteboard Masterclass No.1 – Targeting Social Media Influencers.

This is the first in our series of videos explaining Digital Marketing concepts. This week we’re explaining Targeting and Influencers, two of the most important concepts for a focussed marketing strategy.

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The TOP 3 things you can learn from your social media audience

Are you listening to your audience? You should, they’re the people that want your product or service. They are your market and they have more power than ever before.

Here are 3 things you can learn from your audience that will keep your business alive and adaptive.

1. Find weak links in your marketing, then fix them

Look for links and services that your audience frequently ignore. For example, links that never get clicked, or pages that have high bounce rates.Then go out there and talk to fans/customers directly, ask them what they didn’t like about the content or why it didn’t interest them. This will give you a strong insight into what works and what doesn’t. It’s far more effective than a generic questionnaire and it delivers real results. Armed with this knowledge you can quickly fix the weak links, ensuring your brand message is working

2. Highlight pain points in your service

Sentiment analysis will give you a good idea of how people feel about your brand or product. It’s not an exact science, but it is a good indicator of pain points/potential problems. To use it effectively, listen to what your audience says to you. Categorise these messages by sentiment eg (good, ok, bad) and then look for patterns. You’ll quickly notice inconsistencies in your service and pain points for your customers, be it poor customer service or technical problems. This knowledge is invaluable and it can be used to turn your business around, improving the experience for everyone.

3. Spot market shifts as they happen

The key to a successful business is adaptability. In order to adapt, you need to know the status quo of the market. That’s why you should listen to your audience. Who better to tell you the status quo than the people that are part of it? Don’t just listen to what they say to you, but listen to what they say in general. They’ll outline their problems and possible solutions, they’ll talk to people about their issues and they’ll post content that resonates with them. We suggest listening to key influencers in your audience, here’s why:

  • They tend to be ahead of the curve,
  • They’re a smaller sample, so they are an easier group to listen to
  • They are vocal about their problems.

Listening to this subset of your audience will tell you many things. You’ll quickly see the status quo of the market. You’ll see trends emerging based on the content they distribute. You’ll also spot shifts in the market that you can use to adapt your business. These are just 3 examples of what you can learn just by listening to your audience, but there are many more. Listening is a powerful tool that can be used to deliver real results. Get the edge, listen to your audience. If you’d like to be kept up-to-date on the latest Digital Marketing news, tips and trends, then signup for our newsletter here!

Social Media influencers : who are they and why do they matter


Marketing is about targeting people with your product or service. More importantly, it’s about targeting the right people. There’s no point getting your message across to 10,000 people if none of them are interested in what you do. Instead, your goal is to target the people that have the exact problem you can solve and are willing to pay for it.

How do you target these people? You could target them directly, but this is difficult and time consuming. In the world of Digital Marketing there’s an easier way. Target the people they listen to, their influencers.


The Influencer

Influencers are people that have influence within a community. They are a trusted source of information that others rely on.

Do you follow someone on Twitter because they are an expert in a given field? Congratulations, you’re following an influencer.

As a species, we’re social creatures, and social recommendations hold a lot of weight! Especially if they are from a reliable source. That’s why influencers have such power, they can easily influence our decisions.

How to spot influencers

Influencers typically have the following traits:

  • They are Activists: influencers get involved, with their communities, political movements, charities, etc . . .
  • They are Connected: influencers have large social networks
  • They have Impact: influencers are looked up to and are trusted by others
  • They have Active minds: influencers have multiple and diverse interests
  • They are Trendsetters: influencers tend to be early adopters (or leavers) in markets

When looking at people in your network, ask yourself if any of them have the above traits. Another good way to find influencers is to use tools such as Klout, which will tell you how influential particular people are.

influencer globe

Why target influencers?

Business is all about trust. People will only buy from you if they trust you. Building up that level of trust can be difficult and time consuming, especially when you’re getting started.

By targeting influencers, you can leverage their existing network to put your product or service directly in front of the people that need it. Then there’s trust. If an influencer endorses you, then you don’t have to worry about trust, the trust they have for the influencer is immediately transferred to you. When an influencer redistributes your content, they are saying “This person knows what they’re talking about and you should listen to them”.

That’s why targeting influencers is so important. It’s an easier way to gain credibility in the community and a great way to get your message out to the people that need it.

If you’d like to be kept up-to-date on the latest Digital Marketing news, tips and trends, then signup for our newsletter here!