New Social Media Masterclass is delighted to announce our next workshop to be run in our spanking new offices in Temple Bar in the heart of Dublin.

We are also chuffed that Greg Fry is now the Training Manager and we will be offering more training opportunities and workshops in 2016.

The workshop is designed to bring busy marketers up to date with the latest developments and trends in the Social Media World.

The session will cover include:

  • Using video and live streaming effectively as part of your Social Media Marketing mix.
  •  Instagram for business – how to use it effectively
  • How to use to generate awareness and business opportunities
  • How Facebook and LinkedIn are becoming very powerful publishing platforms
  • Snapchat – should businesses be using it and if so…how
  • Using Emojis and GIFs in your Social Media updates
  •  Social Advertising – how to be more targeted with your advertising in 2016 and get better ROI
  • 5 essential Social Media tools every marketing professional should be using in 2016
  • Where do we go from here? What Future Trends to look out for!

The workshop will take place on Wednesday, 30th March from 6:00pm – 9:00pm at Connector, 18 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Places are limited so please book to avoid disappointment.

Book your seat today!

Match Metrics To Your Strategy – A Focus On Facebook

We have looked at the main success factors in great digital marketing last week, so today we’re going to laser in on one of the social media giants: Facebook.

Besides your own website, Facebook is arguably your online shopfront.  With this in mind, using Facebook to build customer satisfaction is key but monitoring your performance is just as vital.


Facebook – Made to Measure

Okay, so you have built up a healthy following and you feel you are engaging your fans well.  Regular updates and the odd cat meme?  Excellent, but remember that every aspect of your Facebook interaction with fans can be measured to hone your efforts further.   One point to note however, is to link these metrics with your Facebook strategy.

The basic (and the most popular) metrics to note are fan count, likes & comments.  As these grow, they provide many a marketer with a warm and fuzzy feeling of success!  Simply speaking, a rise here is a positive step but if not allied to your objectives they mean surprisingly little.

Measure Against Your Goals – An Example

A brief example that this humble writer can recount was from time spent working with a local visual arts festival.  One early objective was a campaign for artistic submissions launched worldwide to give the festival an international flavour.   The net was spread wide to forums, Facebook & Twitter communities etc to attract them.  After this big push, the event’s Facebook friend count increased by 400% in three weeks!   Cue the celebrations, until the next phase of marketing began.  This was centered upon promoting ticket sales and attendance, where local fans are the obvious target.   The discovery was sobering – our hyper-inflated friend count revealed that most of these new fans were international, from Asia, South America, even Australia…  None exactly in a position to attend a festival in Dublin!

Ready, Take Aim, Measure

What to take from here is that while basic Facebook metrics often highlight positive trends, they may not be the right ones for your aims.

Looking to spread great content?  – Look for number of shares of your links, or its ‘viral’ spread

Promoting an event? – Measure if fans are primarily in your area, promote posts to local users only

Increasing leads & referrals? – Check Google Analytics, are clicks from Facebook to your website growing?

If you want to use social media to improve your business, you’re in for the long game.  Returns may not be rapid, or easy to pinpoint at first but keep your objectives in mind and stay the course.  Growing your Facebook presence must be a means, not an end.  Whatever your business is looking to achieve, use Facebook to assist these goals and measure to suit. Labs – Re-mixing marketing, media and technology!

social media labs Labs were designed to help co-create innovative digital marketing campaigns with our clients.  Our goal is to create world class digital & social media campaigns for our clients in 2013.

We bring a team of marketers, developers and creatives together to work on new ideas with your marketing team.  We will come up with stories about your brand and dream up the perfect mix of technology and media to get the word out there for you.

Organisations with great strategies and campaigns are gaining considerable competitive advantage as more and more of our lives are happening online. Our collaborative approach is hugely beneficial and in these labs real campaign ideas are conceived and planned out for our clients to implement. Labs can be booked by an organisation, be it commercial, educational or purely recreational!  From the team behind Connector Events, you can be sure this will be a valuable experience on many levels.


–          Campaign Lab – Campaigns co-created by a team of marketing and technology specialists

–          App Lab – Create really useful applications using Facebook Apps, Web Apps & Mobile Apps

–          Digital Video Lab – Bring your stories to life with our video planning, creation and promotion

–          WordPress Lab – We help you build great web sites and blogs to power your social media

To find out more about Labs, please call +353 1 906 0006 or email team [@]


Ross’ Top Shares #2 – Creative Use of Mobile

Hi everyone, and welcome to the second in my series of Ross’ Top Shares. Before I start with this weeks blog I would like to thank everyone who shared my last blog and those who gave me feedback, it was greatly appreciated.

This week I have decided to look at the power of mobile! Mobile is dramatically altering consumer behaviour, and it is predicted by Gartner that by 2013 mobile phones will overtake PC’s as the most common Web access device worldwide.

The trend of consumers favoring mobile internet devices is very strong for us here in Ireland – with monumental growth in smartphone and tablet ownership over the past year. It has been predicted that by the end of the year that 3 in 4 Irish people are expected to have a smart phone, while 2 in 5 will own a tablet device. You can read more about the emergence of mobile here.

So mobile is here, and it’s here to stay! So I have picked some examples that show some creative use of mobile, namely through Augmented Reality, QR Codes, RFID and Bluetooth.

Augmented Reality and The Muppets!

Johnson and Johnson have created a set of adhesive bandages that feature characters from The Muppets. When the Band-Aids are scanned by an iPhone or an iPad, augmented reality technology brings the images to life, and children can interact with the characters on the screen. The overall goal is to allow the likes of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy entertain and distract young children who just got hurt! Check it out!

[hana-code-insert name=’Band Aid’ /]

Tesco: Homeplus and their Virtual Store!

Tesco began a campaign to increase their sales and they became the top brand in their industry without even increasing the number of their stores. What they did was to print numerous items in their supermarket and post them on subways. Included are a photo, price, and a QR code for each item. Since smartphones are widely used there, the customers scanned the QR code of the items they wanted to buy, then the items are delivered right at their doorsteps.

Tesco capitalised on the emerging smartphone market and achieved great success, as the video below outlines.

[hana-code-insert name=’Tesco’ /]

Starhub’s Musical Fitting Room

Recently a group of clothing stores in Singapore has been dynamically shifting the music that plays in dressing rooms, in a hyper personalised way, to increase the chances of a final sale.

The clothes contain an RFID chip and the changing rooms are equipped with RFID readers and speakers. When the clothes are brought into the room, the RFID chip connects with the reader to play music that matches the clothes.

While the person is trying on the clothing, StarHub sends an unsolicited, proximity-based SMS to potential customers.  The text message includes the name of the song being played, and lets the user instantly download the track for free from the StarHub Online Music Store. The video below illustrates exactly how this works!

[hana-code-insert name=’Starhub’ /]


We all know the feeling! We are in a rush and we can’t find what we are looking for! Keys, wallet, bag, remote control, even our pets and children! Fear not, help is on the way in the form of a Bluetooth device about the size of a euro coin.

A U.S. tech firm has come up with Bluetooth stickers that can be stuck to your valuables then detected by a smartphone app to help you find them.

Best of all, the app doesn’t merely set off a buzzer to help you locate them by ear but includes a radar-like function to help you find your way your valuable possessions.

The video below may not be as exciting or entertaining as the other three, but it certainly demonstrates how effective Stick-N-Find can be.

[hana-code-insert name=’SticknFind’ /]

Well that is it from Ross’ Top Shares this week and I’ll be back again soon! For more shares follow me on Twitter @RossDoyle29 or follow the guys @socialmedia_ie


BOSS Metrics Academy for student and college societies

At the BOSS Metrics Academy we are making it our mission to help college students master social media and get their societies reaching full potential. We are offering students the chance to join a great new social media metrics programme.

With the BOSS Metrics programme you can:

  • Manage Facebook and Twitter accounts and websites using Google Analytics
  • Improve social media performance and skills with our expert advice
  • View easy to understand reports to gauge your performance at a glance
  • Optimise marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Compare your social media with other societies
  • Get great career skills and add social media to your CV

BOSS Metrics is easy to use and simple to sign up to. We’ve already had great social media success with NUI Maynooth, DIT and the Digital Skills Academy who all use our BOSS Metrics. We are looking forward to sharing this success with colleges and universities across Ireland. There will be regular competitions and prizes for societies that that take their social media to the next level and create excellent improvements and viral content.

Sign up for a 14 free trial today @, then pay only €15/month if you want to continue benefiting from our great social media software.

Mobile marketing for small business

Free Social Media Consulting from BOSS Metrics, a no-brainer!

BOSS Metrics Social Media Made Easy
Our good friends at BOSS Metrics are looking for some potential customers to trial their new software solution.  You get to havea  free trial and meet to discuss their likes/dislikes and what features they would like to see in a social media application.

In return you get free consulting advice from their BOSS Metrics ‘Adviser’ App and from their team of social media experts!  What a no brainer!!

Our ideal participants will be –

– Dublin based and ideally city centre – or willing to come to our office in Digital Hub
– Probably a SME or part of a small marketing team
– Have a Facebook Page, Twitter Profile and Google Analytics set up
– Are not that knowledgeable and want to improve and learn fast
– Willing to spend 1 hour a week with one of our team for a few weeks
– Would consider spending €15 p/m or more on an application like BOSS Metrics
– We may even be able to match you with 3rd level students working
with us from DIT & NUI Maynooth

BOSS Metrics – Social Media Made Easy
BOSS Metrics simplifies social media, creating easy to understand
reports that offer actionable advice, helping SMEs improve their
performance for an affordable monthly fee.  Our solution is perfect
for businesses that can’t afford to hire expensive social media
consultants & trainers but want a tool to help them report, experiment
and learn fast.”

Email conor [@] to express interest with your name, company and business sector. We only have limited availability so apply immediately!

Social Search and David Beckham: Google Plus ups its game










Before Christmas I wrote a short blog on the current state of Social Media’s “Big 4“. That’s right, the previously known “Big 3” being Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin were now joined at the table by the divisive new comer Google +. The stat’s read as follows:

  • Cost $585m to build
  • 50 million registered users
  • Has yet to create any revenue (due to lack of advertising model and few business pages)

However, despite the fact we’re only 2 weeks into 2012, there have already been a few changes which could see drastic improvements in Google +.

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NUI Maynooth Students Master Social Media

It is now three months since began lecturing to final year NUIM business students in Social Media techniques and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Not only are the students learning Social Media Marketing techniques but they are learning the importance of building their own personal brand online. With their eyes fixed on an incredibly competitive job market place these students are aware of the need to have their professional capabilities and qualifications online.

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