5 Tips for making your own Social Media Policy

With the advent of social media, every business from your large, multinational corporation to your small, family-run business needs to have an online presence in order to create and sustain their future interests. Social media is so prolific that you might not even realise how much you and your business are already affected by it. Starting to build your own online presence can be aided greatly with a social media policy.

Here are some tips for making your own policy:

1. What does social media mean for your organisation?

Define what social media means to your organisation. Set out to your employees what the organisation’s online goals are. How they plan to achieve these goals and what their role is in it all.

2. Guidelines for representing the organisation

Guide your employees on how to represent the organisation. This can be used to familiarise employees with different digital communications tools (facebook, twitter, etc.) and teach them how to represent the organisation approriately.

3. Be Polite offline and online

The main thing when dealing with any person in business is to be polite. Just because you’re online and not in person does not change this. Clients appreciate and expect polite staff in all communications from the organisation. Employees should be made aware (even though this one’s a no-brainer).

4. Stick to the law

Your policy should note, and make known to the employees of the relevant legislation involved with social media. This includes data protection, copyright and fair use legislation.

5. Give tips on how to deal withsticky situations

Guidlines on how to handle difficult social media situations e.g: public criticisms of the organisation through social media, should be outlined to the employees to help avoid any public incidents which may damage the organisation.

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Felix McCabe (LinkedIn)