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Is 2012 going to be the year you optimise your business’s social media presence? If you sign up for any of our February Social Media Managers Masterclass Workshops before 31st of January 2012 we will carry out a free Social Media Audit for your business.

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Just in case you missed them, here are five of our top tweets from the last seven days. Make sure to follow @socialmedia_ie to get top social media news and content as it happens.

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Google Plus Continues to Up Its Game











Last week, Cian wrote about Google Plus’ new strategic move by using the Google Plus Hangout feature to attract more users. Fresh from signing a new two-year contract with the LA Galaxy, David Beckham was the latest celebrity to let fans ‘Hangout’ with him. Beckham enjoyed it so much that he has vowed that it won’t be his last and is already planning his next ‘Hangout’ at Google HQ. So who will be next to participate in one of these live video chats? Surely David Beckham is a tough name to beat?

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Crowdsourcing and Star Wars: How Fans of the Film Have Joined Forces to Recreate Their Favourite Scenes










In 2009, StarWarsUncut was developed by Casey Pugh in order to create new experiences on the internet. StarWarsUncut asked Internet users to remake “Star Wars: A New Hope” into a fan film, 15 seconds at a time. Contributors recreated scenes in any way they wanted and within a few moths StarWarsUncut was a huge success. No one could have predicted the extraordinary creativity that emerged from the Star Wars fans around the world. Pugh’s creation was turning into a success that he could never have imagined and in 2010 StarWarsUncut won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media.

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Conor Lynch Talks to Newstalk About the Proposed Broadcasting Charge

On January 19th, Conor Lynch was on Newstalk FM discussing Pat Rabbitte’s proposal for the new broadcasting charge. You can listen to his discussion on the Lunchtime show with Damien Kiberd and Jonathan Healy below.

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Creating Connections Photo Competition Winner Announced







Back in November we launched the Creating Connections Photo Competition on the Connector Facebook page. We used RazorCoast to develop this Facebook app which was very easy to set-up and install and we have seen great results through our growing fan base. We would highly recommend this application to anyone looking to create a competition on their Facebook page.

Applicants had to upload a picture of themselves with their favourite connection whether it was a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, a family member or even a pet. We had loads of entries but sadly there can only be one winner. And who is the lucky winner I hear you ask? Based on your votes, the winner of the Creating Connections Photo Competition is…(drum roll please)…Paul Seeber.

Congratulations to Paul who has won a fantastic gift bag!'s Free Social Media eBook 2012

We have created a new Social Media eBook for all our readers. Written by Conor Lynch, Cian Corbett and Fiona Pope, this free eBook is the perfect beginners guide to using Social Media for your business. The Social Media eBook 2012 is a compilation of’s article for the Institute of Directors in January 2012 and our ten article social media series in the Sunday Business Post towards the end of 2011.

You can download the Social Media eBook 2012 along with our two eBooks from 2011 here.

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Social Search and David Beckham: Google Plus ups its game










Before Christmas I wrote a short blog on the current state of Social Media’s “Big 4“. That’s right, the previously known “Big 3” being Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin were now joined at the table by the divisive new comer Google +. The stat’s read as follows:

  • Cost $585m to build
  • 50 million registered users
  • Has yet to create any revenue (due to lack of advertising model and few business pages)

However, despite the fact we’re only 2 weeks into 2012, there have already been a few changes which could see drastic improvements in Google +.

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Cian Corbett Delivers a Social Media Training Session for the Digital Marketing Institute

Yesterday evening Cian delivered a three hour session on social media on behalf of the Digital Marketing Institute. As the first session of two to be delivered at the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Cian covered an introduction to social media and gave some in depth advice on blogs and Facebook Marketing.

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Dr. Robert Galavan, Director of the Centre for Business, Management and Innovation Studies, NUI Maynooth designed and delivered a 12 week practical social media module to the final year Business and Management students. The students feedback on the module was very positive and their assessments were based on work they might do in a real social media job. As an experienced educator, I would recommend to anyone who is interested in social media and social learning.